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Jasmine "Coach Jaz" Graham is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach who specializes in the holistic approach to women's health and longevity. Jaz wakes up every day with one intention,

"I want to have a positive impact on the lives of everyone that I encounter today".

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About Jaz

Jasmine "Coach Jaz" Graham NBC-HWC is a Board-Certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Women's Health and Longevity, with additional certifications in hormone health, breathwork, and mindfulness. With over 15 years of experience in the wellness industry, Jaz offers a variety of personalized wellness programs for women of all ages.

Embracing a mission of compassion and empowerment, Jaz is dedicated to guiding women on a transformative journey to unlock their innate healing power. With integrity and accountability, Jaz provides a sanctuary of acceptance by offering a non judgmental space, focusing on each woman's unique health needs and aspirations for healthy aging and longevity. She passionately commits to nurturing every woman's potential for holistic wellbeing, supporting and inspiring them as they gracefully navigate their path to vitality, longevity, and vibrant health.

Her wellness program offerings include:

Health Coaching: Jaz works with her clients to develop a customized plan that is tailored to their specific health and wellness goals. She helps them identify areas of their life that may be impacting their health, such as nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep, and provides them with the tools and support they need to make positive changes in those areas.


Accountability Coaching: Jaz recognizes that making lifestyle changes can be challenging, which is why she offers accountability coaching as part of her wellness programs. Through regular check-ins and progress tracking, she helps her clients stay on track and motivated as they work towards their health and wellness goals.

Breathwork and Mindfulness: Jaz teaches her clients how to use breathwork and mindfulness to reduce stress, increase focus, and improve overall well-being.


Seminars and Workshops: Jaz also offers seminars and workshops on women's health topics, such as hormone health, stress management, and mindfulness. These educational events provide her clients with the knowledge and skills they need to take charge of their health and well-being.


Jaz's commitment to her clients' health and wellness is reflected in her success as a coach. Her clients consistently report improvements in their overall health and well-being, as well as increased energy levels, better sleep, and a more positive outlook on life. With her knowledge, expertise, and dedication, Jaz is a trusted resource for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness through behavior and lifestyle changes.

Jaz's own journey with Hashimoto's autoimmune disease inspired her to focus on healthy weight loss and body transformation for women over 40. At 58, Jaz is an example of the benefits of holistic living and healthy lifestyle changes. She demonstrates that it's possible to look and feel youthful over 50 with the right mindset, support, and guidance.

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