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Jaz is a dedicated entrepreneur who provides various wellness services to empower women's health and wellbeing. She offers a safe and supportive environment for women to prioritize their wellness goals and co-creates customized programs that help them achieve success. Through her passion and expertise in fitness coaching and her JazzFit brand, Jaz is committed to helping women become their best selves.

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Jaz's wellness coaching program is comprehensive, covering all aspects of well-being, including nutrition, fitness, finance, mindfulness, career, education, relationships, social life, spirituality, health, and more. Her approach is centered on building a strong foundation that allows you to thrive and soar in all areas of your life. By working together, you'll gain a clear vision of your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them.


When it comes to fitness coaching, Jaz goes beyond the typical one-size-fits-all approach. She creates a unique blueprint for each client that pushes them past their comfort zone while providing positive reinforcement along the way. Her focus is on building strength, endurance, and reducing body fat, while also promoting weight loss when needed. Additionally, she incorporates mindfulness practices into her clients' programs to help them stay focused on the present and achieve a sense of balance in all aspects of their lives.


By partnering with Jaz, you'll have the support, guidance, and tools you need to achieve your wellness goals and transform your life. Get ready to feel empowered, motivated, and inspired as you embark on your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

 For a consultation CONTACT JAZ HERE

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Jaz is a trailblazer in the fitness industry with over 12 years of experience as a fitness professional and 7 years as a gym owner. As the first black woman to open a boutique and independent training gym in NYC, Jaz has broken barriers and paved the way for others to follow. She is an expert in women's fitness over the age of 40, with her JazzFit brand catering to this demographic. Jaz is available for media, television, podcast, and hosting opportunities to share her knowledge and promote the importance of fitness, nutrition, and overall healthy living.


Jaz's achievements and expertise in the fitness industry make her an excellent choice for media and hosting opportunities. She is passionate about promoting wellness and is dedicated to helping women achieve their fitness goals and transform their lives. Her contagious enthusiasm and positive energy make her an engaging and inspiring speaker, perfect for any audience. Contact Jaz today to bring her unique perspective and expertise to your next media event.


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JazzFit is more than just a brand, it's a community dedicated to empowering women over 40 to become their best selves. Through the private Facebook Group, women can share their workouts, meals, and discuss issues that affect our demographic. Additionally, JazzFit invites experts in fitness and wellness to do FB Live presentations covering various topics, from menopause to mindfulness. This supportive and uplifting environment inspires women to prioritize their health and wellness, while also building a strong sense of community. Join the JazzFit movement today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

If you have any questions  CONTACT JAZ HERE

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Jaz is an inspiring speaker and has been asked to sit on panels covering various topics including career transformation (discussing her leap of faith from corporate to fitness), entrepreneurship and women’s health.  To book CONTACT JAZ HERE

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Jaz is a fearless and effective motivator when leading Group Fitness classes and events. Whether its one of her own signature classes or an event, she makes sure that the workout is tailored to all fitness levels and her cueing skills allow participants to be guided through various moves safely. She also has a team of trainers to assist based on the size of the event. She’s well known for her classes on Broadway in front of the iconic Macy’s Herald Square and the annual NBC Health & Fitness Event at Giant Stadium. 


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