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Whether she’s training clients or mentoring trainers, Jaz puts 100% effort into all that she does and her clients and affiliates see that. These testimonials show the fruits of her labor.


"I've been to several gyms, different trainers and I have never had a trainer like Coach Jaz Graham. She is the real deal! She is passionate about training her clients about fitness, nutrition and she connects with her clients on an individual basis, giving each person what they need. I’m usually reluctant to work out but never, ever regret working out with Coach Jaz. She pushes you, encourages you and compliments you and you end up feeling like a rock star when your done.  No two workouts are ever alike... again, she’s the real deal!"

Ann F, CEO Non Profit


"I have always had a love for movement and wellness but it wasn't until I joined Team in training and met Coach Jaz that my trajectory in life would change. Her leadership and guidance inspired me to pursue fitness as my career. 

When she put out an ad for help at her studio I jumped at the chance to absorb any and everything I could because I wanted to be just like Jaz. She is 100% dedicated to everything she does. She has an amazing way of creating a community where everyone feels inspired, empowered, motivated. Within a month of working at Pace4Success/Fit Factory I knew it was time to become a certified Personal Trainer. Sure enough Jaz was there guiding me, answering all of my questions. I would not be the fitness professional I am today if it weren't Jaz."

Natasha R, Fitness Professional


'"ve been working with Jasmine for 5 years now. She is a skilled, thoughtful trainer who customizes every session to target the areas I need the most help with. Jasmine knows how and when to encourage, when to push, but never too much. She is strict about form, I have never once had any injury during our time together. I feel strong and healthy and I have Jasmine to thank for that."

Nikki D, Artistic Director


“Jaz’s high-energy, challenging, and fun outdoor public classes have enlivened Macy's plaza on Broadway. Jaz is a joy to work with!”

34th Street Partnership


"As a result of health coaching with Jaz, I have developed a new mindset regarding the connection between my eating habits, exercising, intermittent fasting, and more importantly ensuring that my body gets enough sleep at night. This has been a game changer for me! "

Yvette, School Counselor


“I first met Jaz in 2009 as i embarked on running my first half marathon. As a former HS and college athlete, i saw the race as another form of activity my muscles would adapt to with the right training schedule. Jaz was there every step of the way, helping turn this non-runner into a now 12-time half-marathon finisher. When i tore my left hamstring in the spring of 2017, Jaz was the first person I called once the doctor cleared me for physical activity - there was my annual half marathon to run! Jaz suggested coming in for one-on-one training, geared towards rebuilding my strength overall, not just towards the race. I successfully completed a half marathon in Jan of 2018 - less than a year after a 90% hamstring tear. Jaz's sessions are the perfect mix of pushing you outside of your comfort zone, while ensuring safety and preventing injury. I am returning to athletic capabilities I haven’t had in years, all while taking care to prevent re-injury. She has also made suggestions for nutrition and nutrition supplements to support and build upon the activity we are doing in the gym. When my work schedule demands early morning or late-night sessions, Jaz is always willing to find a workaround, to ensure I have the right continuity of sessions and the right team supporting me. I would recommend working with Jaz to anyone who is looking for guidance on overall strength and athletic wellness; 12 half-marathons later, there is no one else who could have gotten me here."

Adira K, VP Finance


"There's "ass day" in the gym and then there's  Sanctifyied Booty... a.k.a. mind over matter because the only way you're capable of physical walking out of that class is by narrowing in on the hyped Beyonce lyrics and Jazz coaching you thru. But it wasn't Sanctify Booty (though an unbelievable class) that made me a believer in Jazz. It was her life journey to coaching fitness orchestrated throughout the walls; it was the three hours she took out of her insanely busy day when I had nowhere to go after quitting my job; it was the love, courage, and passion she instilled in me when I told her my dreams. Jaz teaches you that the greatest thing you can achieve is conquering your mind -- and thru that, you can do anything. I'm forever a believer in whatever Jaz gives to the world and you should be too."

Marina P, Entrepreneur

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